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Simple Simon's Guide to Diet and Nutrition

Foundations Stones of Biochemistry

The State of Medicine Today

Wolf and the Trojan Horse

(Wolf and the Trojan Horse - Special Offer, first print edition)

The Reflective Garden




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The Reflective Garden - the first popular account we know of about how mirrors can be used in gardens for practical purposes, and decorative, and to save the Planet

Wolf and the Trojan Horse - number one in a series of adventure stories for kids, and grown-ups will enjoy them too, about. Eric, Wolf and the need to go fishing.

Simple Simon's Guide to Diet and Nutrition - common-sense and scientific knowledge - quack nonsense revealed - how to lose weight and keep it off - vitamin requirements - BMI without arithmetic - how much of this or that nutrient, and why - all made easy.

The State of Medicine Today - how medicine and health care are being ruined by the stupidity of politicians, journalists and lawyers, and what we should do about it.

Foundation Stones of Biochemistry - the Science had to start somewhere and that was largely in France and Germany. The early papers in English, with explanation

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"Mount Davis" stands for an idea, a dream. A simpler life is possible, a rural idyll is not. We must combine city life, industry, commerce, and respect for Nature. A first step - the Garden Sky-Light - invented to do that.

Sky-Light and the Planet

Sky-Light and plants

Sky-Light: What's on?